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I have a number of e-books and MP3's that my clients find useful.
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An Experience of Trance $14.95 Download

An Experience of Trance $24.95 USB + Domestic Shipping

Taming Stress – Experiential Learning

Guided full body relaxation + Musical Meditation 45 minutes
Use this tool to quiet your mind, relax your body, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, and turn your attention inward away from the world of busyness.
This audio is recorded in 3D sound. For best results, use headphones.

Engaging the Healer Within $79.95 Download



Engaging the Healer Within $99.95 USB + Domestic Shipping
8 3D-MP3's + The Healing Journal

Available as downloads or USB Drive - For Mac & PC

This audio is recorded in 3D sound. For best results, use earphones or headset.

Engaging the Healer Within eBook and Journal $6.99 on Amazon 

Open Your Heart Connect with Your Inner Wisdom Heal Your Inner Child Listen to Your Body Let Go of the Past Embrace the Future

Engaging the Healer Within is a progressive series of powerful, delightfully provocative, participatory experiences. The dynamic sound and visual imagery is designed to facilitate a deep level of healing. Everyone can benefit from mastering these life-changing skills and using the powerful tools contained in this series.
Based on proven psychodynamic principles, this series supports holistic & conventional medical, psychological & spiritual practices.

Engaging the Healer Within - 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Radiant Life* is an experiential training course in living from the inspiration of your Heart guided by your inner wisdom. The course includes a Manual, a Journal with inspirational quotes related to each step, and 8 guided journeys recorded in 3 Dimensional sound with right/left brain specific messages. The course incorporates both direct and indirect learning techniques. It is designed to build a solid psychological foundation and promote insight.

Engaging the Healer Within addresses the inner obstacles to living a balanced life with an open heart, in touch with your inner guidance, in congruence with your integrity, present in the moment, able to think clearly, respectful of self and other, courageously committed to your inspiration, groundedly optimistic about the future, in gratitude, and open to the possibilities and opportunities that life presents.

Step One - Still your Mind, Relax your Body & Turn Your Attention Inward * You learn to release the outer world and stay present in the moment with your attention resting in your Heart.
Step Two - Contact and Nurture your Inner Child * No one received all the nurturing they needed as a child. Immerse in Loving Kindness with messages that 'change the game'.
Step Three - Generate a World View that Welcomes Your Gifts * Many of us learned how cold and unwelcoming the world is - unlearn this basic mistake.
Step Four - Deepen Your Inward Focus * Enhance your ability to quiet your mind, listen to your body and focus on your inner experience of Love.
Step Five - Receiving Inspiration * We can't create inspiration, we can make a receptive place for Love to speak.
Step Six - Exploring Ritual * Journeying on the beat of a native drum. Building permission to explore and discover the rituals that work best for you.
Step Seven - Releasing the Past * Letting go of past feelings, attitudes, beliefs and memories that hold you back.
Step Eight - Welcoming the Future * Embracing a new way of life, free from the restrictions of the past, creative and resourceful, openhearted and clear-headed - Ready to live & love your Radiant Life.

Each step builds on the next making you increasingly stronger, integrated, relaxed and able to be in the moment. These life skills support you to keep your Heart open. There are psysiological benefits to this program as well such as strengthening your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, stopping the neurochemical cascade of stress hormones that overload your organs causing fatigue and disease.

'Learning about' is different from 'Knowing'. When you truly 'know' something, you live from it. Engaging the Healer Within facilitates Knowing.

Everyone can benefit from mastering these life-changing skills and using the powerful tools contained in this course.

"What I found particularly appealing is Candida Condor's respect for one's own inner wisdom. She allows each one of us to proceed at our own pace, while providing an easy framework for disciplined progress. I can recommend "Engaging the Healer Wtihin" with conviction and with confidence in it's effectiveness."
Brother David Stendl-Rast
Benedictine Monk, Psychologist & Author

"I found this Series to be unique in it's ability to ignite the place in all of us that innately knows how to heal."
Tobi E. Mansfield, Ph.D.
Diplomate - American Board of Medical Psychologists
Fellow - Royal Society of Medicine
Director - Miami Wellness Center

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