EMDR Consultation

Congratulations on choosing EMDR therapy!


Contact Dr. Condor for further information:          [email protected]

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Now it's time to put your learning into practice. The EMDR Institute requests that you obtain 5 hours of consultation after each training. There is a lot of information to assimilate, new habits to build, and the AIP Model to integrate. I look forward to working with you!

I offer Zoom Individual Consultation scheduled privately and Zoom Group Consultation  Groups are 2 meetings of 2.5 hours.     (If you are interested in a single 5 hour group, please form a group of 4 people minimum.)

My fees are $260 per person for 5 hours of Group                               $105 per hour for Individual.

In your first consultation with me, I will provide you with the following:         Study Guide Folder; Scripts Folder; and a Patient Folder (to be duplicated for EMDR candidate patients. This folder has the forms and worksheets in chronological order so that you can move easily through the stages and phases of EMDR therapy and not lose your place!) I call this *Initial Consultation*.  Its purpose is to ground you in the practice so that you can feel and be competent and comfortable using something new. Case Consultation is focused on your cases and questions that you bring to the group interaction. Choose an Initial Consultation Group date to begin, and Case Consultation Group dates thereafter to complete your EMDR Institute Basic Training hours.

You are welcome to contact me via telephone or email for more information regarding Individual and Group dates, and answers to your questions. Respond via email to schedule your consultation.

I look forward to supporting you to bring mastery to your EMDR Therapy practice. We are committed to your success, and to the continuing relief of suffering that EMDR Therapy provides.

Go with that!   Candida


Sunday           December 11, 2022                     10 am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time

Sunday.          December 18, 2022.                    10 am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time

Sunday           January 22, 2023                           10 am - 12:30 pm Pacific Time


Sunday           January 15, 2023                           2 pm - 4:30 pm Pacific Time

Sunday             January 22, 2023                         2 pm - 4:30 pm Pacific Time

Dates On-Going Throughout 2023         Published Pending Institute Training Assignments

Candida Condor, Psy.D. is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Certified Therapist in EMDR, and an EMDR Institute and Trauma Recovery/HAP Facilitator. She provides Consultation for EMDR Institute and HAP trained clinicians for Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 Basic Training consultation hours.  

She provides advanced consultation for EMDR trained clinicians seeking EMDRIA Certification, and Approved Consultant status.

For Consultation Registration Packets- email your request for the packet and then your completed packet to [email protected].

Dr. Condor believes that Consultation is the launch pad for successfully integrating EMDR Therapy into your practice. The basic training is like the entrance lobby to a great museum, there are many more treasures to be discovered the more you explore.

She provides Consultation via HIPAA compliant Zoom for both Individual and Group Consultation.


Contact her for further information:          [email protected]

 310 394-9300        Voice and Text

EMDRIA CONSULTATION Requirements: The goal of consultation is to begin to allow trainees to safely and effectively integrate the use of EMDR therapy into their clinical setting. Consultation provides an opportunity for the integration of the theory of EMDR therapy along with the development of EMDR therapy skills. During consultation trainees receive individualized feedback and instruction in the areas of case conceptualization, client readiness, target selection, treatment planning, specific application of skills, and the integration of EMDR therapy into clinical practice. Consultation increases the use of EMDR therapy by those who have received training, reduces the formation of bad habits and the risks of problematic use of EMDR therapy. It also allows the trainee to develop and integrate EMDR therapy skills creatively into their other skills in a way that enhances clinical efficiency and effectiveness in helping a wider range of clients meet their goals for change. Minimum Required Time: 10 hours of consultation are required and should be provided in developmental increments to extend over the course of the training. Assisting Training Faculty: Only Approved Consultants and/or Consultants-in-Training who are working under the consultation of an Approved Consultant may be brought in to assist with the consultation. Ratio: The ratio of consultant to trainees should not exceed 1:10 (smaller consultant to trainee ratios are encouraged). Consultation is about real client cases and not experiences that occur in practicum. Behavioral samples of trainees work with actual clients is required. Behavioral samples can include video, audio or verbatim summary.